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Habitat for Humanity

The Lakewood First Lions Club is stepping forward again to improve the lives of those in the Lakewood community.   Volunteering on a regular, monthly schedule, the Lions are laboring on new homes being built by Habitat for Humanity in the Tillicum community of Lakewood.  

Assigned to do specific chores by  the on-sight Supervisor from  the Habitat  organization, tasks have included framing, siding, roofing, window installation, tile floor installation, painting, decking and sight clean-up.  Working alongside other volunteers, and the future owner who is putting in sweat equity, new life is being created in a once bleak neighborhood. 

School Sight and Hearing Exams

The Lakewood First Lions Club, in a combined effort with the DuPont Lions Club, are making a difference in the sight and hearing of the youth in both Clover Park and Steilacoom school districts by doing basic screening at the request of school nurses.

An overwhelming task for the school nurses to test all students for sight or hearing deficiencies is turned into a focused process, allowing the nurse to address only those students with specific needs.  Both Lions clubs do the initial student testing, sending only those who didn't meet the prescribed standards to the nurse for one-on-one personalized testing.   

Students with hearing and sight deficiencies are identified and helped and school nurses can focus on those specific students, not the whole student body, where most have good sight and hearing.  During this school year approximately 4,000 students have been tested using this procedure.  Another win/win effort utilizing Lion Club community service volunteers. 

Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

Not good news from NWLERC: Their very effective and loved president has had to step down to focus on medical treatments for a discovery of bone cancer in her upper left arm. It is always a shock to hear of a fellow Lion suffering from such serious issues, and we can never come up with a response we feel is said well enough to communicate our deep sorrow. Jeannie Phillips of Gig Harbor Lions is an extraordinary leader and we will all be cheering for a quick victory over this horrible affliction and a quick return to her vital service in Lionism.

Before Jeannie stepped aside she accomplished the the very substantial goal of acquiring the old firehouse for NWLERC, she brought the mortgage down to within only a few thousand dollars of payoff. To her and those who stood with her and supported this fantastic challenge we owe a great debt of gratitude.

At Lakewood First, not only do John and Nancieanne Anderson collect alluminum cans, they are responsible for collecting eyeglasses for recycling at NWLions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Lacey. They regularly make the rounds of the collection sites to empty the collection boxes throughout the vicinity, but that is only part of the sources of glasses. Members of the club should remenber to check with friends and relatives for old glasses that would normally just be discarded. Give them to the Andersons for processing.

Going for a new prescription? Don't forget to check to see if your optometrist has a collection box from Lakewood First. If not, ask if we can drop one off. Otherwise, here is where you can find them locally:

Click here for a pdf list of dropoff locations and what the boxes look like

Camp Leo Apple Sales

Each year clubs are asked to generate sale of boxes of Fuji apples to raise funds to operate Camp Leo, a great camp for kids with diabetes.


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Vision & Hearing Testing Schedule

Please call Jeff Rich at 253-219-7035 to sign up to volunteer. Also, Greg Hull at 253-377-7289 or

Students tested 2016/2017
Four Heroes Elementary              730
Meriwether Elementary               340
Custer Elementary                       300
Dower Elementary                       300
Anderson Island Elementary          36
Tyee Park Elementary                  425
Park Lodge Elementary                475
Oakbrook Elementary                   300
Chloe Clark Elementary                615
Salters Elementary                       219
Cabrini Elementary                       186
Rainier Elementary                       530
Cherrydale Elementary                 387
Lockburn Middle School                192
Hudtloff Middle School                 200
Lake Louise Elementary                345
Hope Academy                              750
Hillside Elementary                       600
Pioneer                                         200

Total Students to date for
2016/2017 academic year 7,130

Students tested last year: 7,321